Investment Philosophy

Although we like to think we are engaging and interesting to deal with, we are firm believers that your investment portfolio returns should be steady and predictable. Our investment strategies are designed to protect and enhance your wealth. Our proactive approach aims to deliver optimised returns whilst minimising downside risks.

Investment is not about growing something as fast as you can but protecting and preserving your wealth too. It’s also about staying the term and expecting long term gain rather than short term excitement.

Investment principles

  1. Understand your goals. What do you want your investments to deliver? Income, capital growth or a balance of the two?
  2. Know exactly how you feel about risk. Are you cautious, adventurous or somewhere in between?
  3. Aim for greater diversification and focus on asset allocation. This allows you to participate in stronger performing sectors while lessening the impact of weaker performing ones. It also gives you broad exposure rather than a focus on today’s strongest performer.
  4. Control your costs. Regular movement and exposure to transfer fees, can quickly erode any progress you have made.
  5. Conduct regular reviews and automatically re-balance. This removes any risk of drifting.

By adhering to these principles we ensure you are best placed to protect and grow your wealth and control any desires to deviate from your long term course.